My Caravan

I bought a 2002 Elldis Odyssey 505 – 23 feet of caravanning pleasure. The 505 is normally a 5 berth ‘van, but a previous owner had derated this one to a 4 berth to make a bit of extra space and a bit less weight. It’s in immaculate condition and should last me a few years yet :-)

I’ve changed this page so that most recent events appear at the top – all the original content is still here, just lower down!

June Weekend 2011 – The True Lover’s Knot





New Wine 2010

I took the caravan to my annual working holiday at the Bath and West Showground: Compared to last year I was a little more out in the open (i.e. not right next to the hedge and the noisy road!)
Out on the field

As well as working very hard, I took the chance to get some caravan jobs done: I’d never been happy with the built-in TV aerial, so I fitted another one, demountable to prevent damage. As you can see, we can now get CBBC.
Sean the Sheep - what’s not to like?

I became a bit more adventurous – if not more healthy – with my catering this time. Lightly poached egg, anyone?

I have to admit the place took on the appearance of a bachelor pad once or twice…but I had to dry the washing somewhere…
Wash Day Blues
As usual, Mungo the Security Gecko had a good view…
Mungo enjoys the view down field

The First 2010 Trip – Chertsey, May Bank Holiday

The first trip of the year was delayed by my not having got those over-winter maintenance jobs done, but I finished them in the end, and we tootled up the M3 to the Camping and Caravanning Club site on the banks of the Thames at Chertsey.
And here we are, under the tree and on the grass – about as good as it gets :-)
And this is our pitch seen from the other side!

As always, we had to make sure Mungo the Security Gecko had a good view…

And here’s the view from the other side window, looking down the site

While we were there we saw some lovely scenery…this is Chertsey Bridge, less than five minutes walk from the site. Just the other side of the road from where this picture was taken is the Kingfisher Inn, where we enjoyed a couple of nice meals.

Bank Holiday – Maskers Camp 2009

We went to Maskers Camp 2009, on a privately-owned field in Dorset

with Eddie

On the way down, we stopped off at the motorway services. Having been an “Eddie Stobart” fan for years (and even a member of the fan club), I was delighted to park here.


The field…once we made our way through the woods from the road!


Our water point was a bit more basic than you’d get on a regular campsite. It was also a mile drive away!

Fortnight – New Wine 2009

I took the caravan to my annual working holiday at the Bath and West Showground: It was the first time I’d stayed in the caravan on my own; it was the first time I’d put up the awning, and it was the wettest fortnight the caravan had yet seen!

Parked caravan

Just after I arrived – parked against the hedge. It didn’t stay this quiet for long…

With the Awning

After some minor technical work on the caravan’s awning rail, I put the awning up.


With plenty of admin work to do, the caravan made a useful office space as well as living quarters.

The third weekend away…Corfe Castle

A long weekend at Corfe Castle in Dooooor-set…


In our little pitching space…took me a while to reverse in but we got there in the end!.


The view from the window – the site was a bit crowded but we had a quiet corner.


We were quite close to the adventure playground.


We went fossil hunting at Kimmeridge. Here’s a fossil.

The second weekend away…Postern Hill

May bank holiday weekend at Postern Hill near Marlborough…


The caravan on site.


Just call me “Domesticated Man”.


Mungo the Security Gecko enjoys the view from his window.

The first weekend away

A trial weekend away, close to home, just as a shakedown to make sure all the gadgets worked…and I’d remembered what caravan man told me :-)

Arriving on site, caravan nicely lined up behind Grunty. The reverse into the space back at the storage shop didn’t go quite so smoothly, but that’s another story. And one you don’t get pictures of.

A little light problem solving. Man looking at wires

What I was looking at…

Sunday lunchtime, and the first use of the oven…this is the vegetarian alternative, before it went into the oven.

I think I might turn vegetarian – me examining my own lunch.

After it was cooked. Doesn’t look bad really, does it?

Original Pics

The outside! This is at Viscount Caravans on the day of the technical runthrough. The caravan didn’t have a 12 v battery when I bought it – so they threw one in free. That’s it in the battery/mains box at the front.

Inside and looking towards the front. There’s a water storage heater under the right hand seat. Each seat converts to a nice sized single bed, or there are two possible double bed layouts: Sleeping crossways, or removing the chest of drawers and sleeping fore-and-aft.

Facing toward the back: That sliding door was mended before the pre-delivery handover (the salesman broke it when he was demonstrating it to me!). Behind the sliding door is a small dinette area with a table and seating for two, which converts to a small-ish double bed.

Gadgets. The top bit is the 12 v control panel and battery power meter (there was no battery fitted when I took this picture). Bottom left, a mains socket and a TV aerial socket. Bottom right, the gas controls for the water heater and the mains electric controls for the space heater.

The kitchen area. The tap offers hot and cold running water. The fridge offers…umm…cold. And of course the oven, grill and hob offer hotness in various forms.

Random Pics

Every home should have a gecko. And every caravan should have a security gecko. Here we see Mungo the Gecko, Head of Caravan Security, disguising himself as an air freshener.

It took a while…and many pleading phone calls from Purple Fred, who’s better at that than I am…to find a permanent storage location for the caravan. Here it is (second left) playing with its new friends. I hope they get on, and play nicely.