Lakeland Caching 2008

The three cachehounds of Team Paws for Thought and Paul Gottleottlegog went caching in the Lake District. This was a return trip – we’d been there a year before, and couldn’t wait to return.

All pictures Paul, Rob and Sarah, all rights reserved

The Cottage

Day One: Sunday
Day Two: Monday
Day Three: Tuesday
Day Four: Wednesday
Day Five: Thursday
Day Six: Friday

Some General Pictures

The Caches we Found

The Cottage

Our home for the week, Holly Cottage, was conveniently situated for all important local amenities.

The kitchen was well enough equipped even for a perfectionist like Rob. Paul and Sarah were just glad it had a dishwasher.

The open hearth in the living room pleased all of us – once we remembered to buy coal and kindling.

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Day One: Sunday

Technically day one was Saturday, but apart from lots of travelling, and a bit of moving into the cottage, nothing much happened. So we’ll say Sunday was day one.

As you can see, it was a nice day – the last one till nearly the end of the week. This is not far from the cache “Lords Lot Panorama”, and is one of Paul’s favourite pics of the week. In fact it’s the wallpaper pic on his laptop.

When you’re doing strenuous walking, it’s important to keep your blood sugar level up. Here Paul demonstrates the approved method with the help of a marmalade sandwich. Lunch stop near the final stage of “May the Lord Be With You To”

We finished the day with some caches around Morecombe Bay: Here Rob looks moody…

…just before he took this magnificently moody shot of the bay, near to “Priory View”

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Day Two: Monday

On a previous visit to the Lakes, Rob had driven up to the Three Shires Stone in snow: There was no snow today but there was plenty of rain and wind…

At the Three Shires Stone, we made sure we were suitably dressed before wandering far from the car – we knew we were going high.

As we reached the summit of Pike o’ Blisco, the weather broke sufficiently to provide us with this magnificent rainbow.

We were also treated, briefly, to this view back down the valley.

Back at the car we decided that as we were so close to Hardknott Pass – Britain’s steepest road, according to a recent edition of 4×4 magazine – it would be rude not to visit. Here’s the sign at the start of the pass.

And here’s the view from the geocache at the top of the pass. The cache was originally placed by Mark Thompson, one of the original gentlemen of UK caching and sadly no longer with us, the cache is maintained in his memory.

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Day Three: Tuesday

Tuesday started very wet, so we decided to kick off with a lowland circular walk, and see what developed. It was better later, so we took a walk by the lakeside.

Our first cache of the day was close to this unusual tree-within-a-tree

The weather broke for long enough for this shot showing the general area, close to the day’s second cache

Tuesday was also the day for the now-obligatory “throwing Sarah in some mud” picture.

Down by the Lake we took this picture of the surrounding hills.

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Day Four: Wednesday

Wednesday was forecast to be pretty rubbish, but we decided to have a go at a high-level walk – with the option to bale out if the weather became dangerous. It did, so we did.

The track up Walna Scar Road really is as steep as it looks in this picture.

Paul really was as wet as he looks in this picture…

…and so were Rob and Sarah.

At the end of a cold, wet day. “Me caveman. Me make fire”

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Day Five: Thursday

On Thursday we came back to Walna Scar and had another go at the walk we’d started on Wednesday. We originally planned to go up to Walna Scar, have lunch and come back – but in the end we did the whole circular route. Which was very nice.

We look almost like a proper expedition, don’t we?

From Walna Scar, where we had lunch, this is Rob’s picture of Brown Pike. It was still pretty foggy, windy and cold, but at least it didn’t rain. Much.

And from the same place, this is Coniston Water. You have to get this high before you can see the whole Water – from lower down it’s bisected by the high point near the middle.

And here’s us on the summit of Brown Pike, with Buck Pike in the background.

An arty silhouette shot of Sarah, with the Irish Sea in the background.

Goat’s Water from Easy Gully, near the summit of Dow Crag. You can just see the path that we later took down from the ridge.

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Day Six: Friday

Friday was the best day for weather, and one of the best days for walking. We climbed the lower slopes of Sca Fell, England’s highest peak, partly as a recce for a full assault next year, and partly to find some caches! We started at Seathwaite, walked up Styhead Gill, around the back of Seathwaite Fell and back down Grains Gill.

This pretty little “Postman Pat” bridge marked the boundary between the easy bit of the walk, and the rough stuff. It’s about to get difficult!

See those woods by the waterfall? We’re about to head up there.

The going up was pretty relentless all morning, although by this stage it was a bit easier.

As you can see, the scenery was pretty stunning – well worth the climb.

This is Styhead Tarn – there’s a cache in those rocks on the right. And see that rock in the foreground of the picture? That’s where we sat and had lunch.

And this is Sprinkling Tarn, at the highest point of the walk.

Looking down Grains Gill towards Borrowdale – that’s Derwentwater in the background.

Making our way down.

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The Caches we Found

Day One – Sunday
Lord’s Lot Panorama
May the Lord be With You To
A South Cumbrian Walk with Caesar
Priory View
Beach Wood

Day Two – Monday
Pike o’Blisco
Red Tarn
Round Turn and Two Half Hitches Pass
Hardknott Fort

Day Three – Tuesday
Bell Hill Boogie – New from Old
Bell Hill Boogie – Rolling Log
Bell Hill Boogie – Syc as a Parrot
Bell Hill Boogie – Climbing the Steeple
Bell Hill Boogie – Cold Bonfires
Wish You Were Here

Day Four – Wednesday
Three Shires Stone
Post Haste – Windermere

Day Five – Thursday
Walna Scar (road) Bridge
Torver Trail 3, Walna Scar
Don’t Tell Him Your Name, Pike!
Buck Pike

Day Six – Friday
A Bridge too Far
Cotton Cache
In the Middle of a Pig
Giving-up Point (The Cachers’ Cairn)
Post Haste – Thirlmere
The Pirates TB Base

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