Cornwall Caching 2008

We went caching in Cornwall! That is to say, Rockin’ Rob, Sally-J (Shrimp) and I had a week’s caching, based at Bullpen Cottage near Falmouth.

All pictures Paul, Rob and Sarah, all rights reserved

The Cottage

Day One: Sunday
Day Two: Monday
Day Three: Tuesday
Day Four: Wednesday
Day Five: Thursday
Day Six: Friday

Some General Pictures

The Caches we Found

The Cottage

Bullpen Cottage near Falmouth was one of the best cottages we’ve ever had: Loads of space, warm, huge kitchen, easy parking, nice outlook…you get the picture.

Bullpen Cottage, one of a group of holiday lets to a common courtyard. Ours was the one with the car parked outside.

The living room in Bullpen Cottage. We spent quite a bit of time here!

Some of the technology needed for a successful cachepedition – not shown are two laptops, a mobile-phone-based modem, and of course Paul’s camera which was used for this picture.

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Day One – Sunday

We started the week with a collection of caches around the Lizard Peninsula: First was one on Asparagus Island, and Sally took this one of Rob at the island summit:

She also wrote “I ? U” in the sand so Rob would see it as he came back down the slope. Soppy woman.

On the walk to the day’s second cache, we set a new mark in Putting a Brave Face on Things with the comment “Y’know, the good thing about hail is that it normally bounces off without melting”. We DID get a good view of Lizard Lighthouse, though.

Oh, and we bought some towels at Mungo’s Cornish Towel Emporium too – provoking the knowing comment from Mungo “Ah, no towels where you’re staying then”. He was right, y’know :-(

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Day Two – Monday

Monday, of course, was Rob’s birthday: It was also snowy. This was the view from my bedroom window when I got up.

While Rob, of course, awoke to pressies:

Some of the cards were quite funny:

And then we went caching – we found some in parks in Falmouth:

And some on cliff tops:

And then in the evening we taxi’d into Falmouth, where we celebrated Rob’s birthday at a Chinese Restaurant, and then entered a pub quiz – where we came first and won thirty squids! And yes, that’s Earl Grey tea Sally’s drinking. And yes, it smells like varnish.

Did I mention, we won the quiz?

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Day Three – Tuesday

On Tuesday, we’d decided to be a bit touristy and go to Land’s End, so the morning started with a long drive. We had a bit of fun though – after several miles of following grannies in Vauxhall Insipids, we spent the last few miles following a local who really knew the road and knew how to drive – so Rob had the chance to let Benjy go, and show some style :-) .

We knew better than to park at the main tourist trap though, so we stopped in a fishermen’s car park in Sennen Cove and walked across:

This is near the start of the walk across.

Of course we had to be a BIT touristy, so we took our own pictures by the Land’s End sign: The official Land’s End photographer would’ve charged us nine and a half quid to take these!

And then we took these pictures, just round the corner from Land’s End, where it was much quieter, and frankly, much nicer:

Then it was back to Sennen Cove

before finishing the day with a couple of caches around Mousehole – then back to the cottage for food preparation.

Nice kitchen, isn’t it?

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Day Four – Wednesday

Wednesday was the Long Day – a fourteen mile walk, shedloads of caches and some stunning scenery, around St Agnes on the north coast. Before we started, we had to make a quick stop at Asda – among other things I needed a new sunhat. But more of that later…

We started with a walk down the coast path past the airfield – where small planes were taking off almost constantly. At one point we had a plane flying straight toward us – it was a bit like that film North by NorthWest, which by coincidence had been one if the answers in Monday’s quiz. Did I mention that we won?

Much walking brought us a few caches, a nice spot for lunch, and a steep climb to a viewpoint over Trevaunance Cove.

Followed by more walking, a fail-to-find, and back to the coast path, and a few caches, one of which was hidden around one of many sets of old mine buildings on the coast path.

And Rob took this stunning photo of me in my fabby new hat :-)

Plenty more walking ensued, and a few more caches – so by the time we got back to the car we were pretty tired and sunworn, but we’d had a good day! Mind you, tired as we were, Rob still managed to rustle up another culinary miracle when we got back home!

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Day Five – Thursday

Thursday morning – chucking down with rain. We had a travel bug that HAD to be put in a cache near Redruth, so we crossed to the north coast intending to do just that one, then carry on up to the coast itself and do some caches up there. In the end, we got so wet doing the first couple that we decided on a cottage day – just stopping long enough at a pasty shop (sorry, I mean PAAAAAAASTY shop) for lunch.

We did manage another cache near the cottage though – in a pretty location near the cottage, guarded by a couple of swans.

And then back to the cottage to plan Friday – and for Rob to produce the world’s biggest chilli con carne:

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Day Six – Friday

With it being our last day we were determined to make the best of it – and luckily, apart from a biting cold wind, the weather wasn’t too bad. We found a Fraggle Rock cache…

Passed a derelict quarry (with some interesting big aerials, and several thousand pounds worth of garden gravel)…

Wrote in the sand (Rob did this one…for reasons which will become apparent)

And needless to say, Rob threw Sarah in the sea…

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A Few General Pictures

Rob found an appropriate sign to pose with.

A rescue helicopter. This pic was taken at Land’s End, but we saw them several times.

Shells. I don’t know why I liked this, I just did.

The Great Bisto Disaster. Those are gravy granules in the sink. And in the bowl. And all over the floor…

At one of the Fraggle Rock caches, Sally-J does her impression of a Fraggle


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The Caches we Found

Day One – Sunday
Asparagus Anyone?
Got a Light Boy? – Lizard Lighthouse
St Grade Church
Kennack Kingdom Kache
Riverside Ruins
Wireless Communication

Day Two – Monday
Falmouth Gardens 3 – Gyllyngdune Gardens
Falmouth Gardens 4 – Queen Mary Gardens
Falmouth Gardens 2 – Fox Rosehill
Falmouth Gardens 1 – Kimberley Park
View of Fraggle Rock 6 – Rosemullion Head
View of Fraggle Rock 5 – West Bay
A Secret Garden

Day Three – Tuesday
Got a Light Boy – Longships Lighthouse
Right of Lands End – Towards Sennen
Left of Lands End – Towards Nanjizal
Ocean View (Cornwall)
Got a Light Boy – Wolf Rock Lighthouse
Over Mousehole
Cats, Mouses and Birds (Cornwall)

Day Four – Wednesday
Mills Bombs and Mining
Air Raid Shelter with a View
Wheal Good View
Wheal Friendly Ruins
Sit a While
St Agnes Cow and Calf
Sea Views
Chapel Path
Beacon Views
Railway Arch
Bat Cave

Day Five – Thursday
Red River Cache
Red River Bonus Cache
Cornwall’s Newest Tin Mine
Muddy Pawz

Day Six – Friday
View of Fraggle Rock 2 – Porthoustock
Down the Valley
Giant’s Quoits
Wreck and Rescue 1
Wreck and Rescue 2
Almost Up the Creek (Cornwall)

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