You’ll remember that I’ve brought my old laptop to Nottyham, for Jenny to trial until New Year when we’ll decide if she wants to buy it or not. The main thing she wants it for, is downstairs internetness.

So it’s a real nuisance that the wifi card which I brought along for her to borrow, appears to have died sometime between Friday evening (when it worked OK) and now (when it doesn’t). As you can see, there’s nothing wrong with the actual network, ‘cos I’m blogging on her deskytoppy.

So I guess I’ll be bringing the lappy back down south to see if I can get it going :-(

And in other news, we had a luvvly weekend with John and Marie, and yes, I did eat most of the salad I pictured yesterday. Of course, I did have a couple of other things with it…and now we’re about to head out to meet Stu and Sarah for the pub quiz :-)

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