Cricket Makes You Sleepy

Don’t get me wrong…I love cricket. That’s the problem, really.

Anyone who hasn’t spent the last six weeks on Mars will know that the English cricket team are in Oz, preparing to get slaughtered in the test series and lose the Ashes: In fact the first test started last night, with live commentary on Radio 4 Long Wave. So, at four o’clock this morning I had to get up for a couple of minutes1 anyway, and on going back to bed I decided to put the radio on and see what the latest score was.

The trouble – or the start of it – was that I couldn’t remember the frequency of the long wave service in my sleep befuddled state. So I had to start by surfing the internet on my mobile phone to discover that the long wave service is on 198 metres2. Next problem was that my bedside radio only shows frequency, not wavelength, so I had to sit on the edge of the bed and try to do the maths in my head: “Two metres is 150 MHz, so 198 metres is gnnnnhhhhhhhh…”. I eventually worked out that it would be something like 1510 kHz – which amazingly my calculator has just confirmed to be correct – but then, without my glasses on, I couldn’t work out how to tune the radio.

I gave up in the end, and went back to sleep. I have enough trouble getting up in the morning3 without sitting up half the night listening to England getting thrashed..

1 Which reminded me of how Tuesday’s conversation about prostates – which I blogged yesterday – got started.
2 I know, I know…I could have just internetted the cricket score. Don’t be awkward.
3 Stop sniggering, Stevens.

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