Sunday Again

A lunchtime conversation on MSN…

Gottle: Oi!
Rockin’ Rob: Y-e-s…….
Gottle: Busy this arvo?
Rockin’ Rob: Not overly. Any reason ?
Gottle: Cupla caches?
Rockin’ Rob: Sounds plan-like…. :)

There’s a couple of caches fairly close to home which I’ve been saving for when the days become too short to go further afield: With the shortest day being only four weeks away I decided that today was probably the day :-)

First was Stuck up the Inlet, in Bursledon, just outside Southampton. An interesting walk which challenged us a bit, but with the application of a bit of ingenuity we found it in the end.

Then after a pint of Diet Coke at the nearby hostelry it was into the centre of Southampton for Grandad’s Ditty Box: This is a great puzzle cache, I solved the puzzle to get the final co-ordinates ages ago, and it’s taken me this long to get around to it. Still, it was worth waiting for.

Sunderland next weekend: Want to do a cache or two, Jan?

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