At Last!

It’s the weekend! And it’s lobstering down with rain!

Rain was creating a few problems round Southampton this evening: I left work just after four, intending to head for the gym and a good workout, followed by a relax in the steam room. Unfortunately, the 6-mile journey from work to the gym – normally about twenty minutes – took me over an hour. Traffic was heavier than normal, but the main problem was stupid people who don’t know how to drive in heavy rain, and compensate by driving at five miles an hour and stopping every hundred yards. Of course, having a Gruntmobile, a bit of water on the road doesn’t bother me – although I had a bit of a surprise when I drove at full speed through a deep puddle without remembering to put the windscreen wipers on “high speed” first :-s

And yes, I had checked there were no pedestrians or cyclists in the “splash zone” before I did it!

So after all that, only a short gym session after all. At least the forecast for the weekend is better :-)

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