You Kan’t Get Krapper Than a Krap-Fit Fitter

I’ve been researching getting an oil and filter change on the Gruntmobile.

Obviously it isn’t due one yet, but I like to plan these things in advance, and through the on-line forum of the Pajero Owner’s Club I’ve discovered that a certain chain of tyre and exhaust centres have given owners great satisfaction, for a really good price.

I phoned my local branch of the chain – for brevity, let’s call them Krap-Fit – and asked about booking my Gruntmobile in. “Ooh”, said the guy, “We don’t keep those filters in stock. Can you ring in a couple of days and check that I’ve got it in, then bring your car in?”. I agreed that I would.

When I phoned back I spoke to someone different; “Ah, you shouldn’t have been told that, sorry sir. What it is, some of the four wheel drives we can’t do, because it needs a special tool. Can you bring it in and I’ll have a look, and let you know”. I agreed to do this, not thinking there’d be any trouble becasue of the POCUK recommendation. When I arrived, it turned out that he couldn’t fit me in – not even for a Kwik…sorry, quick…zip up on the ramp and have a look. So I was asked to go back on a weekday evening.

So today I did. I saw yet a third person, who told me some convoluted tale about how they don’t fit that type of oil filter, because they don’t use the manufacturer’s own make, and the one their supplier makes is prone to leaking and causing engine damage. Very sorry.

So, at one branch of Krap-Fit, I’ve spoken to three different fitters and been given three different stories. I think I might try a different branch. Or maybe do it myself.

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