Head Banger

Today I have mostly been banging my head against a brick wall.

I told you yesterday, that today we were having the closing meeting for the three-day audit. Given that the overall outcome of the audit was much better than we expected, one of m’colleagues demonstrated an unusual method of clearing up a few points in the closing meeting. Suffice to say that my boss and I spent the next hour apologising for his behaviour and trying to restore in the auditor, some faith in our integrity as a site.

The colleague in question now thinks I’m avoiding him, because I spent the rest of the day working in a different office, rather than using the one we share: In fact it’s mainly because my network terminal has died again and I needed to find somewhere I could access the company system. Although there is a danger I might stab him with a big knife if we spent too long together.

Usually after one of these big audits, I try to plan so that I’ve got a couple of easy days of brain dead work, to get over it. Sadly it looks as if tomorrow will be spent on accident investigation following one of our delivery drivers injuring himself. Must remember to wear old clothes tomorrow :-(

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