So Far, So Good…

Today was the first day of a three-day Health and Safely inspection by Important People from our parent company. I haven’t been expecting it to go too well, but I have to say so far it’s been better than I thought. It has helped that the Important People and I have discovered that we have the same opinion on some important subjects!

Of course, with three days to go there’s still plenty of chances for it to go pear-shaped. But at least this evening I’m a bit more confident than I was this morning.

One interesting thing happened during the day: One of the Important People commented that he’d been telling various less-important people what he was going to be doing today. “Ooh”, he was asked, “is Paul Gottlegog going to be there?”. Replying that as far as he knew I would be there, he was told “He’s leaving isn’t he? Got a much better job somewhere apparently.”

More news on my alleged imminent leaving-ness as soon as someone tells me :-)

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