Today was spent doing odd radio things.

Hampshire RAYNET have been given the chance to use big aerials at a number of hilltop sites owned by the communications mast people. We knew these sites were good, but we didn’t know how good – so today was the day chosen to test them.

Our group is looking after an aerial near Winchester, in conjunction with our next-door group, so that was the one we were most interested in. It had good signals to everywhere we tested at first – which was the main thing we were concerned about – so while the rest of the county tests were going on, I went for a drive to some other places we wanted covered, to see how well it worked. All down the Avon valley provided good signals, but my favourite – after the formal checks were done – was when I contacted Winchester using my handheld from the ferry across Keyhaven harbour. Only the radio geeks will appreciate how good that is!

Why was I on the ferry across Keyhaven harbour? To do this cache :-)

And then I went to visit Sarah and the family and see Lenny, their new King Charles Spaniel. Cute, isn’t he?

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