Weekend Again

So – I promised you a review of the weekend caches:

Ye Olde School: On Friday afternoon, I took a minibus load of delegates to visit the local independant radio station: Having parked the bus, I checked the map and found a cache just a hundred yards away! Well, it had to be done didn’t it!

Postcard Cache: Another excursion on Friday evening, and the parking put me (and Chris) right alongside the Cathedral. This one’s in the Cathedral grounds, just round the corner from the grave of Edith Cavell.

Amphibian: On conference Saturday afternoon, a party of footie fans like to go to a local non-league game. I took them to Wroxham for their game, while Alistair_UK and I went caching: This one was found after a short walk alongside the river.

Callsign Anglia One: This one’s not far from Amphibian, and we found it in the same trip. The cache is stuffed with fundraising goodies for the Anglian Air Ambulance, which was why we’d wanted to do it. Afterwards we walked into Wroxham looking for a cup of tea – an odd little town, everything is owned by Roy: There’s Roy’s Bookshop, Roy’s Toyshop, Roy’s Department Store, and bizarrely – and I promise you this is true – Roy’s McDonalds.

Roman Hoard: This was Sunday morning’s effort, in the company of Jenny and Chris, and Tony – a brand new cacher. A nice walk alongside the river and a fairly easy find.

Motorway Mayhem M1 Junction 24: I did this one on Monday morning, just as I was leaving Notingham to head for home. Some purists don’t see the point of the motorway mayhem caches – they’re designed to be done as a quick break on a long motorway journey, so many of them don’t have interesting views or locations. This one wasn’t bad, and an easy find as well.

And then I went home. Yawn.

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