I’m in Norwich!

For those of you who don’t know, we’re here for the National Hospital Radio Conference. There wasn’t a blog last night because I was having a hissy fit with BT Openzone – I wrote to them on Wednesday to close my account, and they’ve actioned it already! I wouldn’t mind but I’ve already paid for all of October in advance :-( Anyway, I’ve just bought a limited ninety-minute voucher to blog, and to log the caches I’ve done while I’ve been here – well it couldn’t be ALL Hospital Radio business, could it? I did a cache-and-dash on my own yesterday afternoon, and one with Chris last night. This afternoon, I did two – including one which is a fundraiser for the local Air Ambulance – with Alistair_UK.

And now I’m going to shower and get my posh suit on, ready for tonight’s gala dinner. More later! (By the way, to Stu and Sarah – we hope to make the pub quiz tomorrow but we’re not sure when my minibus duties are going to finish, enabling us to leave Norwich – Jenny’ll ring you as soon as we know :-) )

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