Hear Hear

Last week I asked my chatroom chums for some advice.

“I want to buy a bluetooth headset for my work mobile phone”, I told them. “It’s only for work and I’m not likely to be able to put it on expenses, so I want CHEAP. Any ideas?”

A few people offered ideas which seemed to make sense, and then Scott J had a suggestion to make. Being an across-the-pond sort of person he didn’t have any information to offer on cheap UK suppliers, but he did suggest I check out the Jabra 250v, which he described as “clear, comfortable to wear even with glasses, and loud enough for even the noisiest environment”.

In matters audiophilic I’m willing to take Scott’s advice any day, and after a bit of net-based research I found a supplier who had the headset at a reasonable price, and placed an order. I’ve now been using it for four days and I’m impressed – it’s even loud and clear enough that I can wear it in my not-so-good ear, so I can have normal conversations with people in the same room without taking the headset off, or listen to the radio in the car. It’s easy to use, doesn’t look like a 1960s hearing aid, and works with voice-activated dialling for proper hands free operation.

All I need now is for someone to phone me :-D

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