My Weekend – Part Two

My alarm clock went off at 6:15 this morning :-( Quarter past six! On a Sunday!

D’you know, I think I was born to wear uniform…it makes me look so…dapper :-) Of course, today was the Great South Run, and as last year I was working in Race Control at the Portsmouth City CCTV control suite. I was blooming glad I was, too…it was chucking down with rain and freezing cold out there. Of the 18,000 who entered, over 4,000 decided not to run – although that isn’t all weather-related, in any event there’s a percentage who enter and then don’t turn up: They get ill or injured, or training goes badly, ar they have to work…but 4,000 non-starters is more than was expected.

There were a few bits of drama – one race steward was assaulted by a motorist who didn’t like the road being closed (even though it had been signposted for weeks), and another driver – being told by a different steward that he’d have to go a different way – said “F*** that” and ran the steward down with his car. Still, the steward was uninjured and the driver was arrested, so all’s well that ends well.

I normally like to do a couple of caches after an event, but even though I’m no fair weather cacher, it was a bit extreme for me. I tried and failed with a cache-and-dash on the way back, if the weather had been better I’d have looked a bit harder.

And finally – to add a bit of symmetry – I said last night that I was wearing my birthday pressie from Lizzzzeeeee – tonight I’m drinking my present from Sarah :-) Cheers – hic!

Ooh, and happy first bloggiversary to Jenny!

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