My Weekend – Part One

Woo! Every Saturday should be like today :-)

Apart from a rather ordinary start to the day – the barber followed by final sorting out for tomorrow – the rest of the day was spent with a bunch of caching chums in a pub, celebrating my almost-birthday – although to be strictly accurate, it was Matt’s birthday bash as much or more than mine since his birthday’s tomorrow and mine isn’t till Monday.

Anyway, it was a lovely day with some lovely friends, and thanks to Sarah driving I was able to have a drink or three (hic!). I had some nice pressies too, which I opened even though it isn’t really my birthday, so I could thank people in person rather than waiting till I saw them. Lizzzzeeeee, I’m still wearing yours, and will do for the rest of the evening!

Best abusive comment of the day related to my pressie from Tim and June, which had a picture of Desperate Dan dressed as Santa on the front:
Sarah (pointing): “Paul…it’s YOU!”

Grrr :-)

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