I went to High Wycombe today.

It was my first experience of the M 25 since that section (the M3 round to the M40) was widened: it’s pretty good – all it needs now is someone with a twelve-bore to take out those stupid “variable speed limit” units and it’ll be quite a user-friendly road.

If you’re wondering why I went the long way, it’s because I took one look at the traffic jam on the Basingstoke ring road and thought “Sod that!”. Of course I’d failed to consider the jams that crop up on the M3 in the rush hour :-( . And on that subject – and reference the twelve-bore mentioned above – there’s a woman driving a red Astra who’s a prime candidate for a charge of double-O gauge up the fundament. Grr.

Oh, and this evening I went to the gym. There was a power cut, and we were all thrown out. Ah well, I tried :-)

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