Phishy Story

In all the excitement of being told I was famous yesterday1, I forgot to tell you about the dodgy e-mail I had yesterday morning.

I had this e-mail from eBay: In excited tones it told me that the item I’d previously bid on, which I’d been outbid on, had become available as the winning bidder had been unable to complete the purchase. All I had to do to resubmit my previously unsuccessful bid was click on this link…

It seemed a bit odd for a couple of reasons: The first was that the link web address didn’t look totally like a legit eBay link, the second was that it was addressed to “Dear Customer”- legit e-mails from eBay are addressed to your eBay user name, and my user name isn’t “Customer”. But the main thing arousing my suspicion was that the unsuccesful bid had been 6500 for a gert big chrome-englistened motorbike.

In as much as any scams are clever, it’s quite a clever one: If only one in a hundred people receiving the e-mail are daft enough to clicky the linky (in panic at how they’ve been suckered into bidding for something they didn’t want), the first thing they’d be faced with is a convincing-looking eBay login screen asking for their username and password. And by the time they realise they’ve been suckered, their legitimate login details have been used in some kind of scam.

And in other news – I have a working work mobile phone2! This is the third one – I wonder how long this one will last?
1 Or as Sarah commented when I told her, “Infamous, more like”
2 At the time of writing, anyway.

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