I was paid a compliment today!

But before that…much of the day was spent on the Solent Half Marathon, where my Raynet group (assisted by some chums from the next-door group) were providing the communications. The day stayed nice and sunny, nothing particularly went wrong, and we did everything we were supposed to do. So that was good :-) Even our mate Julian – who had to cry off because of a clutch failure on the way to the event – called in to let us know he’d got safely home without much trouble, thanks to a Very Very Nice Man.

Once the event was over and we’d packed our kit away, the afternoon was still young, and I was just a mile away from a cache I hadn’t done! I soon found my way to the recommended parking for If You Go Down To The Woods Today…, and before long was close to the cache location. Much searching ensued – with the GPS going barmy under the tree cover – until I spotted a couple of people coming towards me, one of them checking his own GPS. They were, of course, other cachers, and in conversation they asked my caching name:
“I’m Paul G0TLG, or Paul Gottle”
“Ooh, you’re famous, aren’t you?”

Gosh! Then we found the cache, then I went to see Sarah and we took Maggie for a walk, and then I went home and had a chinese takeaway.

Nice day. Good ‘un :-)

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