Tired – Yet Again

You’ll remember I’ve had a bit of a busy week. I made up for it this morning by not getting up until half past nine!

I only got up then because my luvvly Mum was taking me out to lunch (on account of it nearly being my birthday) and I thought perhaps I ought to get on and have some breakfast before I left the house! Lunch at our favourite restaurant rocked big time – must admit I et far too much, but hey – it’s only nearly my birthday once a year, right?

Other than that I’ve been working on my assignment resubmission, and sorting stuff out for tomorrow. And now I’m going to bed :-)

Ooh, except to say…my camera travel bug wot I placed in a cache in Yorkshire has been picked up and is on its way to Morecambe. Meanwhile Rob’s TB – which mine is racing against – hasn’t moved! GO ME!

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