I’m glad that week’s over.

Those of you who read Rockin’ Rob’s blog will already know part of this story: Coming out of Hospital Radio last night, we discovered that the theiving scumbags – or “neighbours” as we have to call them – had struck again, smashing the window of his company car, nicking his wallet and some personal bits that will cost him rather a lot of cash to replace. Rather than going to our respective homes as we’d planned, we hung around for nearly an hour while he phoned the Police: He spent ages talking to the lady on the line – in fact I think he may be in, there – giving her loads of detail. Needless to say the chances of any of these scrotes getting caught is less than not much.

Coming at the end of a day when I’d got up at five o’clock, I really didn’t need that, although of course Rob needed the hassle even less.

Anyway, ’tis Friday – guess how many caches I did after work today? None, that’s how many. I went to the gym and “gave it some”, and then went home to work on my assignment resubmission. Bah.

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