This hasn’t been Photoshopped – the can of adhesive you see is exactly as Mike bought it from Jewsons!

Something else funny happened yesterday, a little too late to make it into yesterday’s blog: I was visiting Sarah’s, and sorting out a problem on her computer, when her phone rang. Sarah and George were in the garden, so I checked caller display – it was Jenny!
Me: “Hello, Sarah Mansions”
Jenny: **Shocked silence**
Me: “Heh heh!”

On reflection it might have been even funnier to pretend I was answering at home, which could potentially have kept her confused for ages. It wouldn’t have been the first time we’d done something like that: A few years ago our chums Jan and Andy were visiting Southampton, and hadn’t told anyone they were going to be in the area. They’d contacted me and we met up for a meal, and I loaned Jan my mobile to ring Jenny – she rang her mobile to make sure it’d come up on caller display.
Jenny: “Hello Paul!”
Jan (acting puzzled): “No, it’s Jan”
Jenny: “Eh?”

We kept that one going for a while before we owned up, as well :-D

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