You know it’s going to be a bad day when you get to work and there’s already a voicemail message telling you that a delivery driver has broken his arm at a customer’s premises.

Bad-day-ness is confirmed when, after an hour and a half travelling time (and getting lost on the way), you’re five minutes into the accident investigation when you’re told he’s just been discharged from hospital, his arm is only bruised, and he’ll be back at work tomorrow. You’ve then got another hour and a half journey to get back.

Still, it got me out of this morning’s meeting, and I got a bacon buttie and a cup of coffee at Whiteway’s on the way back at the company’s expense. You have to take these things where you can get them :-)

And to update you on last Friday’s news: I’ve decided to have a go at resubmitting the old assignment with some changes made. In months to come I may wish I’d done the little extra to get the higher grade, but in years to come – when the whole achievement is only nine more letters after my name and a line on my CV – I won’t care what the grade was, only that I passed. So there :-) (thanks to Rob and Helena for the advice!)

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