Homeward Bound

So…the Great Yorkshire “More Microchips than McCain”, “More Minging than Blinging”, “More Pasta then You Ever Thought Possible” Cachepedition is almost over: We’ve stopped at Jenny and Chris’s on the way home to visit our chums, play with kittens, and eat. I’ll give you the detail later – for now, just know that we found 32 caches and three trigpoints: We walked about seventy miles, visited three pubs, and ate more pasta than you ever thought possible.

Our 28th cache took me to 550 finds, which was rather nice, and the walks were all good: We had three fail-to-finds during the week, but one of those was because someone had “helpfully” moved it. Grrr.

I’ll put together an on-line picture gallery in the week to come – be patient chums!

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