Yarrr! It do be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I ‘opes that all me beautiful readers1 knew that already, of course, and ye’ve bin shiverin’ timbers and splicin’ mainbraces all day long. For sure the Spanish Main – or that bit of it near Eastleigh, anyway – has bin ringin’ with the sound of piracy from mornin’ till night! Pieces of Eight! Pieces of Eight! An’ while I think about it, I can think of a particular shipmate I’d love to see walk the plank, while there’s a chance of getting away with it.

Meantime, me buckos, it’s time I started packin’ for the Great Yorkshire Treasure Huntin’ Expedition. I be a bit better organised than Rockin’ Rob, but not much ;-)


1 And the ugly ones

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