As I Was Saying…

…sorry about the falling-asleep thing yesterday, but it WAS a pretty long day!

I was being an Important Raynet Person on the New Forest Marathon: Because it’s such a long day, I take the caravan along for us to work from, and we site it next to the St John Ambulance and Police controls, so everyone is working at the same place. Nothing went dramatically wrong, some new technology we were trialling worked pretty well, and most importantly the St John people proved themselves as always to be efficient providers of tea, coffee and bacon rolls.

The caravan is now back on the driveway, full of junk – which will probably have to stay there for a while, I don’t see me having the time or the inclination to sort it out, sepcially as I need to be doing some packing ready for the Great Yorkshire Cachepedition which starts this weekend :-) . I can’t wait!

And on the subject of holiday, fret ye not my dear readers…I’ve produced pre-written quality bloggage for every day I’m away which should pop up automatically. See how I care for my fans?

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