Since I was talking about the gym yesterday – and showing you the picture of my caravan step on fire – I really can’t think why I forgot to tell you this one, but…

As I was getting out of the shower at the gym last night – and yes, I do mean just out of the shower – the fire alarm went off! Being the true Health and Safety professional that I am, I forewent the stuff with the towel and just threw my clothes on. Well you didn’t really think I was going to go charging down the fire escape in just a towel, did you?

Of course, I was the only one who was taking any notice of it at all. Everyone else in the changing room carried on with what they were doing – including heading for the steam room. And when I came out of the changing room into the main gym – just after the alrm had stopped – everyone was on the machines and obviously hadn’t interrupted their workouts.

Perhaps they’d like a professionally-done fire risk assessment. I’m cheap.

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