Serious Discussion

Today’s serious discussion at work was inspired by this week’s special offer leaflet from Lidl. Oh yes, we know how to live…

Perusing the German foodstuffs, Graham was wondering what the difference is between brockwurst and bratwurst. Needless to say, looking it up on the net would have been too easy, so instead we made something up. The best we could do was that “brock”, of course, is an old Hampshire word for badger (as in “Brockenhurst”), so brockwurst must be made of badger meat.

Brat, of course, is an annoying small child. Hmmm.

And this evening I am officially Not Happy :-( . Tomorrow morning I have to have a blood test, which means I can’t eat after 7 o’clock this evening, or drink anything other than water. Which is bad news for a man with Dorset Blue Vinny and a bottle of wine in the fridge.

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