Needless to say, my comment yesterday about setting part of my caravan on fire (which Sarah seems not to have noticed ;-) ) was a slight exaggeration.

As I said on Friday, disposable barbecues weren’t allowed at the site we were going to, because they cause the grass to be scorched, so I brought my old caravan step along, to stand the barbie on: The step was a bit old and rusty, and my logic was that if the plastic on the step got a bit melty and spoiled, I’d have an excuse to buy a nice new one. Melty and spoiled I was expecting…the flames came as a bit of a surprise. As the picture shows, though, I did get my excuse to buy a nice new one :-)

One other good thing happened yesterday that I forgot to mention: One of the fox’s stops was in Minstead, where there’s a rather nice cheese shop: We didn’t have time to call in, but I hinted quite strongly about my favourite cheese. I was hoping someone would buy some, and I’d pay them back, but in the end our chum Lizzzeeeee bought me a nice chunk of Dorset Blue Vinny and wouldn’t let me repay her :-) .

And today I’ve been working my socks off getting ready for next Sunday’s Raynet. Except there’s onething I still have to do, so that’s the end of this blog ;-)

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