Anyone see “Traffic Cops” last night?

They were showing off this technology where a mini-camera in the police car watches approaching cars: it reads the number plate of each, compares it against the computer, and if that car is shown as having an issue, alerts the police who can then stop the suspect vehicle. The computer knows not only if a car is stolen, or otherwise connected to a crime – it knows if it’s taxed, insured and MOT’d as well.

Which is a handy link in to the fact that my tax disc expires at midnight tonight. A couple of weeks ago I had the reminder letter, and decided rather than queuing for a week in the Post Office, I’d renew online. I’ve had some right online adventures in the past, with payments going astray, or stuff that I’d paid for going missing in the post. But once again I decided to risk it.

Sadly for those who like hilarious blogs in the style of “Look at all the daft things that happen to me”, my new tax disc arrived without hitch, and I’ve just gone out and put it in the car. But I’d take a hassle-free life over an exciting blog any day :-)

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