Not the sometimes workplace of our chum Sparkle, but the slang term for “tyres”.

I had two new tyres put on the Gruntmobile this morning. Since the arm and leg they cost me are the ones I’d normally use for changing gear, it’s lucky Grunty’s an automatic. Before that, I paid a fiver for a haircut – got to look my best for Jenny’s birthday bash next weekend :-)

Long-term readers will know that my Mum and I like to go for lunch at our favourite pub, the Mucky Duck. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll also know that we’ve not been for ages – Mum’s intermittent wibbliness has meant she’s lost her appetite, can’t taste food all that well, and doesn’t like to be away from home for too long at a time. Well today – because she’s felt a bit better lately – we decided to go again. She loved it! Three courses, and we both packed away far more than we should have done. Still, it was a nice lunch, and it was better than the afternoon I spent ploughing through some of that work I told you about.

Ah well…got some of it done.

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