Ten house points to anyone (except Rockin’ Rob) who can tell me why today’s offering is titled “Jessica”

In a comment on a recent blog, his Richness of Eltent said “I subscribe to the Jeremy Clarkson view of caravans”. For the benefit of our forrin readers, Clarkson is a motoring journalist of great popularity among the sort of motorist who think that getting off your face on cheap lager and doing 70 MPH in buit-up areas constitutes skilful driving, and his view of caravans is that their lack of speed is a contravention of his God-given right to exceed the speed limit at all times. Although to be fair, he does live in Oxfordshire, a county where in many areas it’s possible to break the speed limit without actually being in a car, so I suppose it’s reasonable.

Anyway, the point of all this was partly to admit that yes, some caravanners make a point of blocking the road and causing problems for other road users – but as with my personal bÍtes noires, HGV drivers and BMW owners, the majority are fine, it’s just the selfish few that cause trouble and make the rest of us look bad. People tow caravans bigger than my house with cars that aren’t powerful enough to get them moving, or heavy enough to control them safely: they travel at times of day guaranteed to cause maximum disruption and on the busiest roads, without considering that with a bit of thought they could make things less stressful for themselves and everyone else. And then – despite the fact that “basic towing skills” courses are available from all kinds of sources – they set off totally unprepared, drive with a stunning lack of consideration, and have – or cause others to have – spectacular accidents that block major roads for hours.

The situation is improving – people who pass their driving tests nowadays aren’t allowed to tow big trailers without further training. But in the meantime, don’t judge us all by the actions of a few :-)

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