Friday on My Mind

The day after my day off at New Wine, I had the following conversation with Neil, a team member and fairly new geocacher:
Him: “Did you go caching yesterday?”
Me: “I did! How did you guess?”
Him: “Well, it was your day off…”

Today I did July’s entry for Cacher of the Month – with only three caches found it was my worst month since I started entering. Still, I have a ream of excuses – July is always bad for caching, with New Wine and the preparation therefore: Last month I also had exams and other stuff going on. Still, August will be better – I’ve done four caches already and we’re only halfway through the month! Today’s offering was 2 Tricky, the nearest cache to where I work and a lovely walk through the woods – complete with three puzzles. I saw a deer on the way round as well – just a lovely way to start the weekend’s relaxation.

Apart from the fact I’ve had to bring a shedload of work home with me. Bah.

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