I bought a wristband thingy at New Wine.

It looks a bit like a friendship band, except it’s got a buckle and has “W.W.J.D.” embroidered on it. I’ve wanted one for ages, but resisted it because of the kind of work I do: I wouldn’t be allowed to wear it in the food production area for hygiene reasons, so it’s one more thing to take off before I go in, and forget where I’ve put it.

But I’ve finally given in, and I’m wearing it now, so I haven’t lost it yet. “W.W.J.D.” stands for “What Would Jesus Do” – there are a few other acronyms of the same type which Christians use: FROG (“Fully Rely On God”) and PUSH (“Pray Until Something Happens”) are the two commonest. I had a pen with “P.U.S.H.” on it once – either Something Happened to it, or it PUSHed off. Ho ho.

It kind of reminds me of the bangle which all Sikhs wear. It isn’t only an outward sign of their faith: They wear it deliberately loose, so that it slides backward and forwards on their wrist and they keep having to push it back out of the way. It acts as a constant reminder to them of the fact that they’re Sikhs, that practising Sikhism requires some personal sacrifice and inconvenience, and of the meaning behind why they wear it. I think that’s rather good.

UPDATE: I’ve lost it. I think I left it at Jenny’s

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