Well, I didn’t stab Mr Personality with a big knife – nor did I strangle him with his own tasteless tie, although a number of my colleagues wanted to.

I went to the gym again last night – I’m still out of practice, although I think some of the trouble I had was related to reaction to the day’s events. But then I made the journey down the Waterside to visit Sarah,the children and their computers – they now all think I’m wonderful (which, to be fair, I am), having got their wireless internet working, their laptop and desktop hitched into it, and made the wireless mouse on the laptop work. Please don’t anyone tell them how easy these tasks actually are – I’m hoping to find some way to turn all this hero-worship to my advantage somehow. I’ve already escaped a beating-up from Bex for slagging off blondes…

On the negative side, our chum Mongers was on telly last night, in a programme about improving your memory. I forgot to watch it :-(

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