If anyone is reading this for the first time – welcome!

Anyone who isn’t reading these notes for the first time will know that I’m on holiday, and working on the volunteer medical team at a Christian conference called New Wine. Some people 1 have asked why we call ourselves “Medical Team” – surely we’re all just first aiders? I’ll tell you about something that happened yesterday2 and let you decide. Everyone in the story, apart from the patient, is a member of the team.

A lady had a potentially life-threatening accident: We were called, and within a couple of minutes a vehicle, crewed by a first aider (me) and a US Army paramedic, arrived and started treatment. We decided that we needed more people, and called for backup: within a couple more minutes another vehicle, with an NHS-trained Emergency Care Practitioner3 and a Royal Navy-trained nurse arrived. They started the patient on oxygen, and a couple of minutes later the doctor arrived.

On Monday we were visited by the local ambulance service manager, who was so impressed with the service we’re able to provide that he’s arranged that if anyone dials 999 for an ambulance from the site, Control will refer it back to us: an ambulance will only be sent if one of our team leaders asks for one. When you think of the consequences for him if something went wrong, he at least must have confidence in us.

I think we’re entitled to call ourselves the Medical Team, don’t you?

1 Well, one person, but it’s an easy blog subject and gives me a chance to tell the story :-)

2 Yesterday as I write this, that is – no idea when I’ll get to visit the wi-fi terminal to post it.

3 A sort of extra-highly trained paramedic.

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