Forgetful 2

Well, if the auto-blog-posting thing has worked properly, this should be popping up on the first Sunday of my holiday, although it was written last Thursday. Actually it was written today, as I write it, but last Thursday as you read it…oh, you know what I mean!

I wonder what I’ve come without, this time? Last year I arrived to find that I’d forgotten the groundsheet that I put down inside the caravan awning: Luckily a nearby builder’s merchant had a cheap tarpaulin for a fiver, but at least this year I know my groundsheet is packed. A couple of years ago I forgot my Bible – a bit daft, coming to a Christian festival – and one year I forgot my first aid kit: Goodness knows how, it lives in the back of the car and never comes out – apart from last night when it fell out of the boot and landed on my foot – but there you are.

Mind you, being on the medical team, I come into contact with people who’ve forgotten all sorts of things: Asthma inhalers and antihistamines are pretty common forgotten items. But the ones who wind us up a bit are the people who deliberately come without things, and expect the medical team to be able to help them out. One year a chap came in on day one, and explained that his wife needed a special prescription item every day, and they’d only brought two day’s worth (for a week’s camp), so he’d come into the med centre for more supplies. Not only did I have trouble explaining that we’re a campsite medical centre, not a fully-stocked pharmacy doling out free supplies – but he was pretty rude with it. When one of my colleagues came down the corridor to see what all the fuss was about, he asked her “Do you know what’s going on, or are you like him?”

Still, no-one’s perfect, eh? :-)

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