World President Bush and his puppet are in the news again, for unguarded comments made in front of a microphone which they thought was turned off.

For me, the issue is not that they say and think things that they wouldn’t necessarily want known – we all do that. The issue certainly isn’t that they used rude swears in what they thought was a private conversation. The real problem is that the world’s most powerful man and his dummy – supposedly two leading statesmen at the top of their game – forget the cardinal rule of public speaking, which is “Any microphone should be assumed to be live, until absolutely proven otherwise”. The very newest Hospital Radio presenter learns that on day one of their training, and I can’t believe that Bush and Blair’s image consultants haven’t rammed the message into them over and again.

Of course, no-one’s perfect – I once asked on-air “Where’s that f***ing noise coming from?” having failed to realise that a microphone control was broken – the lever was in the “off” position, but something inside the works was broken so the lever wasn’t connected to anything inside! But I think more awareness should be expected of the two most image-conscious men on the planet, than some useless Muppet doing a radio programme with a dozen listeners :-) .

Still, is off on its holibobs: You may get some pre-written bloggerage pop up automatically while I’m away (that’s what this morning’s test post was about, for anyone who saw it – and yes, Kouros, it did :-) ), and if I find a way to post it there may even be live bloggy goodness. Play nicely when I’m gone, and I’ll see you when I get back.

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