Still Hot

It was 29 degrees in my back bedroom at half past eleven last night. It wasn’t much cooler when I got up :-( That’s a bit excessive really.

Worse for my Mum though – she’s spent the last 24 hours wearing an automatic blood pressure measuring thingy, which she’s got to take back to the hospital today: Apparently she found it a bit hot and unpleasant to wear. Hopefully the results of that will help diagnose the reason for her recent wibbles – although to be honest she was getting so annoyed with it, it’ll probably show her blood pressure through the roof, regardless of what it was reading before.

Still and all, I think I’ve got nearly all of my holiday prep tasks done: Those that are left are things like putting the packed bags into the car, setting the “out of office” message on my voice mail, that sort of thing. I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging while I’m away – it depends if Dangerous Dave has got the site wi-fi working this year: The nearest public wi-fi terminal is about ten miles away, so I shan’t be going down there every day, but there are rumours of an on-site network this year. But I hope you’ll check by every so often – if nothing else I’ve arranged for the header graphic to do something mildly interesting while I’m gone.

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