It do be a bit hot.

I had to take a training session today: We’ve got two training rooms at the jelly factory, one with aircon and one without. Guess which one I was in? :-(

At least one of my readers has been impressed with how organised I am, getting my holiday packing done so far in advance, but it has its downside – tonight I had to cut my toenails so I could pack my nail clippers. The laptop and wireless network card are both packed away in the gadget box, ready to travel, leaving me with interwebby access only on the desktop – which is in the warmest room in the house :-(

It’s all in a good cause though: I plan to get moving as early as possible on Friday, and I’m out tomorrow and Thursday evenings, which means any packing that isn’t done this evening is going to delay departure on Friday. I’d better get on with it then…

Ooh – and I promise this’ll be the last course/exam/diploma mention for a while – I posted my last assignment this morning, so you’ll see “Assignment C” on the progress graphic has gone yellow. Assignment and final exam results both due on October 6th.

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