My diet hasn’t been that good over the last few days.

You’ll all have read that last Saturday, I went to a chinese restaurant with chums: Sunday’s birthday party was followed by a chinese takeaway, as was Tuesday’s exam. On the intervening Monday night, I ate in the hotel…and we’ll say no more about that (although I DID nobly resist a dessert). Wednesday was the meal out with Sarah, which, while very enjoyable, was basically cholesterol on a plate, and on Friday I had a pub meal before the treasure hunt.

Having said that, when I weighed myself on Saturday morning, I’d put on no weight over the week, so I can’t have done too badly.

Luckily, I have my holiday coming up – some of you will know that I spend my summer holidays working on the medical team at a Christian festival, and while the people wot do staff catering work very hard, their repertoire is seven variations of salad, so losing weight isn’t difficult. Even with our meals augmented by our own barbecues and chinese takeaways – and washed down with vats of Pimms ‘n lemonade, for those off duty – it’s still two weeks of pretty healthy living, especially combined with the outdoor lifestyle and the hard work. Last year I lost four pounds – although the gastroenteritis I came home with may have contributed to that.

I hope not to bring back that kind of little souvenir this year.

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