Busy Busy Busy

Those of you who make a point of regularly checking the “Exams and Assignment Progress” graphic at the top of the page will have noticed two changes this week.

The first, of course, is that the module A exam has gone from white (“not done”) to yellow (“result awaited”) after Tuesday: More recently – about ten minutes ago, in fact – the module B assignment has gone from yellow to green – for yea, I have received my assignment result and lo, it was good :-)

Well it wasn’t that good, but it was good enough! All I need to do is get the bare minimum pass mark on the remaining assignment and Tuesday’s exam, and I’m sure of a pass: With the averages I’ve got so far, I’m borderline for a “Credit” overall.

Yesterday’s main event was at our factory just round the corner from Henry Not The Thirst’s gaffe – probably for the last time ever, since it was the closing-down party to say goodbye to all the staff who are being made redundant from there. We even went to the Pub of Extreme Swearification at the company’s expense!

Then in the evening, I went to a treasure hunt organised by the radio club – needless to say there was a cache, Dune’s Micro Number 1 on the way – and then our team won the treasure hunt as well – bad news is that that means we’ve got to organise next years. Oh well, there’s a while to think about that…

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