Ostrich and Garlic

A day of contrasts today…so much has happened there will be no cat blog I’m afraid. But to keep you cat lovers interested, here’s a recent picture of Titch, to contrast with the kitten one I posted the other day:

Tubby little chap isn’t he?

The bad bit of today was that the departing boss (see yesterday) decided to make his parting shot, the news that the company isn’t going to pay for me to do part two of my diploma (despite the fact that having the qualification is part of my job description). If I blog any more about that I’ll get bitter and twisted, so lets move on…oh OSTRICH

The good bit was that it was a lovely day and I did two cracking geocaches today! I zipped out at lunchtime and did First of the Few, commemorating a famous local man. An interesting walk, made more interesting by my unofficial short cut back to the car! Then after work, I went and did Trains, Planes and Automobiles, a fantastic 2 mile walk through the countryside. I can probably do no better than quote my cache log:

134th find
All geocaches should be like this!
The recommended parking looked more like a passing place to me, so I went to the secondary recommendation where I had no qualms at all! A stunningly beautiful evening walk, with some cunningly hidden micros along the way and a good final location (but watch the stinging nettles!). Took nothing, left a glow stick and a toy car, and of course signed the log. Thanks for a great evening out, SpottySpaniels.

Mind you, I was mightily pleased that I’d waypointed the car, something I don’t usually bother with.

Ooh, forgot to mention the smell of wild garlic near the cache…I think they’d been chopping nettles alongside the path and the garlic got caught up. Anyway, then I drove home, stopping at the White Swan for a J2O on the way.

Edit: Just walked back into the bedroom after having a shower and I can confirm there is a really strong garlic smell coming from my trousers. Goodness knows what my boots will smell like…probably no worse than usual.

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