Wot I’ve Done This Weekend

In all yesterday’s excitement, I never got around to telling you what my weekend has consisted of.

Saturday started with an early appointment with the barber, as a result of which I have a much tidier beard and hair, and I’m supporting Italy in the footie tonight – not that I care that much, but when an Italian’s holding a sharp blade near your throat, it’s a good idea to support his footie team. After that I took my Mum shopping, and while she was stripping the shelves of Sainsbos, I called in to the local gents’ outfitters and splashed some cash on smart clothing.

After lunch was the optician appointment I told you a little about yesterday, which left my credit card a little lighter – FOUR HUNDRED SODDING QUID LIGHTER!!! Ahem, sorry about that. Still, I do get a pair of prescription sunglasses included in that, but the ordinary pair are varifocals. Bah.

Jenny was down for the weekend visiting Sarah and the children for the weekend, so in the evening Jenny, Sarah, Bex, George and I went for a meal: we started at TGI Fridays, who’d assured Jenny there was no need to book, and when we got there told us there was a two-hour wait for a table. In the end we went to a Chinese restaurant very close to my house, which meant I could have a few beers and stagger home afterwards :-)

And today I’ve been to my Ickle Godson’s Piratey Birthday Party. YARRR! Daniel! Jenny drove me there – she was going anyway – then dropped me at the railway station on her way home. And SouthWest Trains took me the rest of the way home.

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