Stu’s blog of today, and the comments that go with it, draw heavily on the “responsibilities” which ought to go hand in hand with the “rights” of the individual.

I was glad to have read it when I did, as it showed me an alternative view to something that happened to me today. As I was sitting in the optician’s waiting room, with the time getting later and later, I was starting to get angry that they couldn’t get something as simple as running appointments to time right. When I found out the reason why they were running late, it taught me a lesson.

I had a right for my optician’s appointment to start on time.

The chap who had the appointment before me – who was being given some unexpectedly bad news about his eye test results – had the right to have his fears and concerns treated with tact and compassion.

The optician gave “chap before’s” rights priority over mine, and I’m glad she did. I wouldn’t want to be a patient of any medical practitioner who gave timekeeping priority over patient care.

Mind you, what I’m paying for my new glasses will send the optician’s entire staff – including the cleaning lady – to Barbados for a fortnight’s holiday, so I think when I go to pick them up, I’m entitled to dancing girls at the very least.

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