Music Music Music

It’s funny how music can trip you up.

Of course everyone knows that music comes with associations. Most tunes that I like always remind me of the first time I heard them, or somewhere I was going when I played it on the car stereo. Judie Tzuke’s Stay With Me Till Dawn brings back a meal at a restaurant in the New Forest with Jenny and her then-beau: Cher’s Shoop Shoop Song is sunny days and extreme exhaustion!

Last night I was helping out on the request show on Hospital Radio, when we played Love Theme from Sparticus – if you’re more than about 30, you’ll remember it as the theme from The Onedin Line. The funny thing is, if you’d asked me what music we had at my Dad’s funeral I’d have struggled to think, yet as soon as it started I was there: if I closed my eyes I could see the whole thing exactly.

For some reason, Crosby Stills & Nash’s Marrakesh Express always reminds me of microwave Tuna Pasta Bake. I hate tuna.

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