I’m worried.

I’m worried because I’ve been making my list of holiday-preparation jobs I still have to do before I go. Given that I’ve done almost no preparation so far, this list ought to be as long as my arm – in fact, it should be as long as the arm of someone who hasn’t got stupid stumpy short arms. Yet really, it’s amazingly small: There’s clothes packing – which I can’t do until the last minute, because I won’t have enough clothes to go to work for the next three weeks; There’s packing the food into the caravan, which I can’t do until I’ve bought the food, which I can’t do until nearer the time because it’s things like milk and bread. And there’s packing all my gadgets, which I can’t do yet because I’m still using them.

Working down the packing list is worrying too: Nearly everything apart from those items mentioned above is in the caravan already, yet normally the Gruntmobile is loaded to the roofline with last-minute packing. Even if all the food, clothes and gadgets go in Grunty they won’t take up that much space. So what have I forgotten?

Note: Jenny – sit down before reading any further

I also need to do some clothes shopping before I go. I hate clothes shopping, as those of you who’ve seen how I normally dress will realise. But my stock of polo shirts good enough to wear for work is diminishing, and a friend suggested on MSN last night – rather meaningfully – that I ought to buy some new shorts. So I’m off to the Oxfam shop in the near future ;-)

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