Another Long Day

I had a meeting in Warwickshire today.

The New Wine medical team have a get-together in the month before the event, to run over arrangements and to ensure that we’re up to date with the latest news: As I’ve mentioned before, Heather, who’s one of our team leaders, is in Studely, so that’s where the meeting was today. Unusually for a Saturday, I had to get up early – in fact I was having breakfast before the milkman arrived, which resulted in me wandering around with a bowl of dry Weetabix looking for a splash of semi-skimmed – in the end I gave up and had it with full-fat milk.

The journey up was enlivened by the number of vintage cars all heading in the same direction as me – although I must admit I found it a bit dispiriting when one of them overtook me. I know the Gruntmobile doesn’t have a brilliant turn of speed, but really…having said that, I was doing…ummm…just over seventy at the time, so it must have been rocket-propelled by vintage car standards. The meeting was good, and it was nice to see old friends again, and then it was time for the journey home. I’d gone up on the motorway, but decided to come home by a much nicer route, down through Stratford-on-Avon and the byways of Oxfordshire: It took half an hour longer, but who cares? The English countryside look lovely this time of year, and it’s all the better when not zipping past at eighty five just over seventy.

It’s a good thing I enjoyed it really: The day cost me nearly fifty quids worth of diesel :-(

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