Cache and Curry

Can you believe that I really wanted a Chinese takeaway this evening, but I had an Indian so the pun in the headline would work?

Anyway, today was the day of a regional Hospital Radio meeting in Basingstoke, so after church I hit the M3 heading north-east-ish. It was a really nice day and I’d noted the details of a couple of local geocaches, so since I arrived in Basingstoke with time to spare, I went and found Lime Pickle, a nice walk until the last few yards through the nettles-my own fault I suppose, for wearing shorts. I’d just got back to the car when Gary phoned to ask if I wanted to meet for a pub lunch. Hmm, pub lunch or geocache? Even I’m not that obsessed with geocaching.

The meeting didn’t take too long, and I still seem to be regional Treasurer (it was the region AGM as well as the standard meeting), then once it was over I headed off and found the other cache I’d noted, Crystal Gem of a Cache. This was quite a scramble through some woods, with some sharp brambly things near the cache. Also, the cache itself isn’t in that good condition, I think the container has been out in the weather rather too long.

Then home via the Indian takeaway for a curry. Oh, and can I briefly mention football? Jenny, referred in previous blogs, is a Brighton supporter. Chris, her chap, supports Swindon. The football-aware among you will know that today, the playoffs took place between these two teams to determine who gets promoted, and Brighton won. The last I heard, Jenny was expecting to be sleeping in the shed.

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