Longest Day

Yesterday was the longest day.

I don’t mean in any weird metaphorical “Oh no this day seems to be going on forever” sense – it really was the longest day, and from now on the nights start drawing in, and Winter will soon be with us :-) . And I’ve just realised that that means the “going geocaching after work on Friday” season is half over…better make the most of it then!

I mention all this longest day stuff because of something odd that I noticed last night: I’d been down to visit Sarah and the kids, and the road that connects their village with the rest of the world is a long, fairly straight major road with cars and petrol tankers thundering along it at high speed. It’s also fairly densely overhung with trees. We were commenting before I left that it was still almost fully light, and as I was driving home the sky was bright and looked like full daylight – yet down on the tree-shaded road I was using full headlights – and main beam where there was no oncoming traffic – to see where I was going!

In other news, I had another good session over the gym last night, so this week I’ll have done one and a half times my weekly target calories – unless I go again, in which case I’ll have done more. That’s not likely to happen though, I want to go caching tomorrow and on Saturday I’ve got to drive to Redditch and back. Might grab a cache or two up there as well :-)

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